Start Ups Access To Funding

For the rapid scale of business, we provide access to required amount of funds.

Why Apply

We are committed to the growth of the businesses we invest in, leveraging our extensive collective expertise to grow and add value to our portfolio companies.

Access To Funding

We provide access to the optimal amount of funding required to rapidly scale the business.

Governance Structure

For business sustainability, we help
implement a bulletproof corporate governance framework.

Legal Advice

Be rest assured to get the best legal advice, we work with the best and we provide you with the best legal advice.

Introducing The Triangle

The Triangle is an outfit of Lakinberg LLC Group setup for entrepreneurs seeking seed investors, venture capitalist and angel investor to help them in the building and establishment of their businesses and projects.


What makes Triangle different

Triangle funds smart, relentlessly resourceful founders who are building high growth, technology driven businesses in $Bn markets.

Unlimited connection privileges

Business structuring advantage from us

Founders are eligible for investments all yer round without much hassle

We help implement a bulletproof corporate governance framework to ensure your business is sustainable.

The Triangle provides the best portal exclusively setup for Startups and SMEs seeking seed Investors and Partners.

The Core obligation and unique services of the triangle bothers on the following offerings

  • Legal rights of a citizen
  • Training, enlightening and education of SME’s.
  • Rights to international trades/operations
  • Access credit at 6% interest
  • Registration for startups, get suitable office space, open bank accounts, get new subsidiaries and business ideas as a legal entity.
  • Also, we help you do business in the US without any difficulty while your company enjoys:
  • Green card eligibility and other fantastic benefits (T&C Applies).
  • Venture capital opportunities / Seed fund
  • Global Opportunity for doing business by pitching in a State in the United States.
  • The Triangle Connects business Startups to capital Investors and Vice-Versa
  • Equity or safe investors from $25,000- $10,000,000
  • Provision of legal and business structuring to Prequalify Start Ups to attract Investors.
  • Guide SME’s match up with the standards and requirement of business entry, market entry and regulatory compliance.
  • Linking the SME’s with Venture Capitalists or Seed investors.

Other Professional Service Include

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • International Trade Agreement and Documentation- Lakinberg LLC prepares trade documentations and agreements protecting the interests of exporters and importers tho located in different countries, contract is binding and there is protection against the risk of non-payment, fraud, scams and substandard goods.
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Due Diligence- LAKINBERG carries out a review on behalf of our Exporters and importers who intend to trade on our platform.
  • Market Entry- Lakinberg offers Market Entry Consultancy and intelligence services for new business, SME’S, MSME’S in all their location of present to the USA, UAE, UK and Europe
  • Business structuring and Corporate Restructuring





Investing In Startups

The triangle performs due diligence on the businesses that require funding and monitor the funding and profitability process. Are you an investor interested in any of our promising startups?


Need Funding

Do you have a business idea that require funding? Do you run a business and have grown to a point where you need funds to facilitate your business expansion, or you have a new line of product that need fresh lines of finance?


Over the years, LakinbergLLC has been at the forefront of helping scores of LLCs, Private and large corporations register their businesses in the US. So take advantage of this exceptional, unique and customized services!

Founders can apply for investment at anytime, all year round without an introduction. We help implement a bulletproof corporate governance framework to ensure your business is sustainable.


Olugbemiga Ojo

Funding Partner

Joel Patenuade

Funding Partner